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I’m Betty Moore-Hafter. I work with EFT tapping, hypnotherapy, inner child healing and past life regression  to help people accomplish profound healing and change in their lives. Please do visit my main website, www.CreativeEFT.com, to find out more about my work.

When I began my practice in 1998, we called the practice Rising Sun Healing Center. Now this Rising Sun Healing website has become a place for me to share some of my own journey.

A Story In Pictures

The story on this site is communicated more in pictures than in words. My late 30’s were a time of personal healing, and during that time I was compelled to paint and draw to express my inner life. Nothing here is meant to meet artistic standards. These were my own personal art therapy.

It was nearly a decade later before I could finally transition into a career in the healing arts, which was my dream. The path to get there wasn’t easy, and some of the roadblocks and detours will be discussed in blog posts here. But especially thanks to my wonderful husband, who believed in me and supported my dream, I made it through and could not be more happy with what I get to do every day.

Why would this interest you?

In my own life, I have found that personal stories are very powerful. Rarely does anyone set a goal and sail straight to it! Perhaps something about my story will speak to you.

I was a professional French teacher, teaching on both university and secondary levels, for over 20 years. For such a long time in my life, I lived on two levels. I had my outer life as a French teacher (which I truly enjoyed and valued) and my inner life where my passion was seeking meaning and deeper understandings. I was fascinated by the subconscious and symbolic life and questions such as, what makes people tick? And how can people break through being blocked and stuck, so that they can heal and change? And what’s it all about anyway? In my inner world, I was a seeker.

Are You A Seeker Too?

In some ways, we are all seekers, aren’t we? Seeking happiness, seeking relief from pain, seeking fulfilling relationships, seeking a satisfying life. I wanted to understand what blocks our wholeness and how we can heal and be more in alignment with our best selves, even when the going is rough and challenges and adversity come our way.

How It All Came Together For Me

When I painted the pictures you will see on the Inner Journey page, I was deep into my own inner child healing work. I now see this process, and the paintings that expressed it, as prophetic. Nearly ten years later, I opened my first office in Burlington, Vermont. After years of working deeply on my own healing, the outer life and inner life came together. One of my specialties is inner child healing work and I sometimes take people on that very journey that so inspired me.

What My Images Mean To Me

The heron, deer and other images all came from that time of intense personal work. Somehow they really stayed alive in me, under the surface, ready to come back when I started my practice. When I got my first office space almost a decade later, a colleague and I had an inspiration: we painted a magical mural on the walls! You can see it on the Rising Sun Then and Now page. Though I eventually had to move to a different office in the building and could not keep the mural, these images live on as framed pictures in my current office, just as the deer and heron had lived within me for so long.

The heron is a special connection. When I started the practice, it became my emblem. But I recently remembered something that astonished me.  I tell that story on the Heron page. I also have a heartfelt connection to the deer, more about that on the Deer page.

There is a third image that I used to paint: the Dragon. The dragon hadn’t quite found its way into my life — until now! I am embarking on some new developments in my practice that will need the dragon’s courage.

Finally, I love the idea of Transformation and share two favorite images for that.

Two of the Inner Child paintings live in my office today and people often respond to them and comment on them. But I think they are there especially for me — like messages from my deeper self, reminding me that the seeds of who we are and what we are meant to become are already in us. 

Some of my deepest beliefs

I believe in healing.

I believe that the keys to our healing are within each of us.

I believe in listening deeply. That is how we hold the space for the deeper truths to emerge.

I believe that healing brings more Light onto this planet and we desperately need more Light.

I believe in DIVERSITY — “Light” is whatever is life-giving and not life-destroying and I respect the many different ways that people find and cultivate Light in their lives.

Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my journey with you.

This site is set up like a book. Just go through the pages one by one. On to the next page…


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